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Too often we find ourselves critical of our bodies. When in doubt, our bodies are the only life partner we have ever had. Through the practice of my work and developing a strong intuition, I've realized that the only cure is to truly learn how to sit still with yourself, to accept your flaws, and imperfections and really celebrate your diversity and uniqueness. I hope my artwork allows you to find peace with your own body and celebrate your divine femininity.

- Tori Swanson

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My artwork is inspired by movement, the human body and community. My intention as an artist is to make art more affordable while offering a sense of meaning. I want to bring the conversation of mental health to the surface. My offerings of transformative / energy healing experiences with my nude portrait sessions or prints are statements of self-respect, body love, and vulnerability.



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My work as an artist is to first and foremost help men and women feel comfortable in their own skin. I want to make you realize how magical you really are, and to encourage body-positivity and self-acceptance. The private portraits are about 30-60 minutes. Contact me if you're interested in a private or group session.

Group Sessions Include:

- Bachelorette Parties

- Weddings

- Birthdays

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- Gifts

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