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Workshop Modules

This page will be updated weekly, with resources, recordings, and assignments (optional) within 24hours of our last call. Feel free to listen to the recordings and read a sneak peak for what’s to come the following week.

Module 1: Embodiment

For our first week, we’re focusing on embodiment, and what it means to be truly in flow with your physical and non-physical self. Our higher self, is our soul is our best version of ourselves who is constantly tuned in and works with our intuition. We can connect with our higher selves in every aspect of our lives especially when we need clarity on a decision, help with a relationship, or assistance in staying strong and committed when the timing gets tough.

We will create and fortify our relationship with our higher selves for our first session together. We will connect with our psyche to understand bodily cues, and what it feels like when we’re out of balance and in balance and how to regain a sense of grounding. This is the first step to using your intuition.

We will use connect with the divine feminine to understand what it means to surrender and practice ease in our lives.

We will use artwork to teach us how to draw/paint our own portrayal of ourselves in this moment.

Weekly Recommendations:

1. Implement meditation as part of your daily routine. It has changed my life, even if I only sit down for 2 mins or 45 mins. Your days are going to look different than mine, so I suggest scheduling time either early in the morning to set your day up for success or late at night. I also journal after I meditate to write down my thoughts - I'll touch base on this next week.

- If you like guided meditations I like these apps


Insight Timer


If you want to learn more about intuition, read these books.

1. Ask and it's given by Jerry and Esther Hicks. 

2. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Class Recordings

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Module 2: fear

This weeks workshop will explore shadow and contrast. New to the concept shadow?

Our shadow is our fear, one or many stories that we created as a child, to create predictability in our lives. This predictability allows us to feel “safe” because we can expect and project outcomes based on our experiences.

Our fear shows up to keep us in the same cycle. Our cycles keep us from expressing ourselves more intimately, perhaps it’s keeping us from making more money, or taking risks we need to grow.

We must remember that light can’t exist without darkness - they need it to survive.

This week’s workshop will teach you how to work with fear, to see it as something simple and rational rather than as a being with a strong emotional attachment.

We will use artwork as a medium to paint our fear and how it is represented within us.

Weekly Recommendations:

Start to become aware of how your shadow shows up in your daily life. Take note, and see if you can choose to see your shadow as a friend, who is only showing you what you do not want.

I often use success habits to pull me out of the spiral, and I commit to doing them daily to prevent a spiral from occuring.

Class Recordings:

You can read about Success Habits here.

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Pulling from Process 13 Which Thought Feels Better from the book “Ask and It’s Given”

Write down exactly how you feel, and really go there.

The example they wrote out in the book:

"She [daughter's name] is deliberately trying to make my life difficult"

"She doesn't care about me at all"

"She doesn't even come close to doing her share of the work"

Then actively write down thoughts that will pull you out of it.

"I shouldn't have to pick up after her" (Same)

"I wish her father would support me more" (Better)

"I know she has a lot going on" (Better)

"I remember what it's like to be a teenage girl" (Better)

"I remember when she was a sweet little girl" (Better)

And continue this process until you feel better and uplifted.

It's more effective when you can write this down, and once you've mastered it, it's easy to do in your mind throughout your day.


Module 4 Family Lineage & Inner Child

This week we will be working with our inner child. Anytime we encounter our shadow, it’s typically linked to our story we developed as a child. This is the story that we carry through our entire lives, and one of many lessons we are set to learn.

For example, one of my stories is that “I’m not good enough” and I have major fear of abandonment and it comes through with comparison to others.

This week we’ll be looking at certain childhood stories that we were drawn to, because they typically reflect patterns in our own adult lives.

We take on stories, and pain from our parents and our ancestors. Becoming aware of it now, will help you heal the past and the future. The story stops here, so your children don’t need to carry the burden that you took on from your parents.

Module 3: Money

This week we’re going to learn all about manifesting money, why it works and why it doesn’t work.

We’re going to get to the root of your desires and what is holding you back from being prosperous and abundant.

I love talking about money, because it’s one of the most fascinating energies that we can take for granted, and completely miss the whole hearted point of it.

Money shows us when we’re in flow and I’m going to talk all about how to create, maintain, and find it.

Be prepared to eliminate your expectations and restrictions around money- because it’s everywhere!

Weekly Recommendations:

I know that some of this law of attraction can be difficult to grasp in the very beginning, and a book that bridges the practicality of this notion and yet spirituality in a easy to do and understand way is called "You're a Badass at Making Money" by Jen Sincero. I listened to the audio book front to back like 4 times. When I was feeling a low coming on, I would play a chapter and it brought me right back on the path.

Here's a link to where you can purchase it.

Hint: if you want to listen to an audio book, Audible will give you a free book every month - if you haven't already used it.

Secondly, I've been sharing worksheets from "Ask and It's Given" by Jerry and Esther Hicks. This week I'd like to focus on the "Focus Wheel":

  1. Draw a large circle on a piece of paper, and then a smaller one inside the large circle.

  2. Close your eyes and turn your attention to whatever has caused a negative emotion and identify what it is you don't want. Write it in the smaller circle

  3. Now ask yourself WHAT YOU DO WANT, and write it out in the larger circle.


- I feel fat and I want to feel slender

- I feel poor and I want to feel rich

- I feel unloved and I want to feel loved 

- I feel deceived and I want to feel honoured

- I feel ill, and I want to feel well

- I feel powerless and I want to feel my power.

Continue to write it out until you actually feel the shift.



Module 5: Radical Forgiveness

This week we will focus on Radical Forgiveness. Radical forgiveness is the ability to turn negative and conflicting situations around to see it as a lesson. Anytime we see friction or resistance it’s an opportunity for us to look within and see it as a lesson.

When you get to the root of the problem, you will most likely see the lessons as a pattern that continue to pop up throughout your life. In this lifetime, we have many lessons to learn, and will continue to in our next lives as well, do not see these as mountains to climb but rather has joyful moments of growth. This is the whole point of this life.

I want you to think about those who have “wronged” you in someway, and bring it to class, for we will start to dissect the issue at hand.