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 Soulful Expansion Retreat

Bali, Indonesia

March 2019


The Curriculum

  • Connecting with your inner entrepreneur, intuition and creativity

  • Learning how to connect and channel the divine feminine

  • Day trip up island to sacred ceremony

  • Working with a Shaman to dive deep into your intuition

  • Creative focus; writing, artwork, dance

  • Cooking classes

  • psychic intuition readings and exploration

  • Removing blocks, discovering clarity and alignment

  • How to bridge the gap between you and your highest expression

  • Learn how to stay on your divine path

  • Learn how to make decisions from your soul and intuition, not your head.

  • Adventurous activities; Meditation, Hiking, Surfing, Yoga.

Picture This…

You wake up in your beautiful luxury room in Bali, Indonesia. You’re so excited to be here, you can’t wait for the day to begin. At your leisurely pace, we meet downstairs for a big family style breakfast. The food is fully vegan and healthy to cleanse our body and connect with spirit. The day starts after we have had some time for the coffee and fruit to settle. We meet outside by the pool an amongst the trees to start our first workshop and initiation. The workshops are focused around embodiment, getting clear on what you’re looking to release and bring in this week. The workshops are designed to expand your intuition, manifestation and law of attraction.

After a few hours, we have free time. Your personal, and sacred time to explore the island, and experience what it means to BE in Bali, one of the most magical places in the world. Maybe you choose to walk around the town, explore other parts of the island or meditate by the water or grab lunch with your new friends. We reconvene in the evening over a family style dinner, once again cooked and created with the finest foods to create an inclusive atmosphere. After dinner, we start another workshop, clearing anything and everything that is standing in your way from living the life you want to live. Maybe that evening we take you into the forest for sacred dancing and connecting with nature, or we work on vision boards with a movie and popcorn, or it’s a deep dive into your soul, unravelling the locks we have put up for protection to finally be unlocked, disappeared to allow your heart open, it’s raw and vulnerable self to let happiness and positivity an light really sink in…

We’re getting down to business, we’re burning excuses, we are holding you to the standard you want to hold yourself. We are leading you through DEEP transformation to let it in. We are not about struggle, we believe in ease, and we are teaching you alignment to allow and receive what you want - no need to push for it, for you are born abundant and prosperous. Whatever your story may be, we hear you, we see you and we know your soul. Your achievements, dollars in the bank don’t mean a damn thing for you are special.


The Details..

The Intention of this retreat is to open your intuition and creativity by allowing yourself to open up and feel the divine. Through movement, writing, psychic readings, and food, we will ground the space, keep it open for you to come to the edge and allow yourself to be seen. We are here to help you live the life you want, achieve your goals and dreams and make them a reality in a sacred place that will make you believe in your own magic.


  • 7 nights, 8 days

  • Canggu, Bali

  • Airbnb on rice paddy fields

  • Either your own room, or share a room with a friend or another retreat go-er

  • Breakfast & Dinner included.



  • Shamanism

  • Body Movement; Surfing, Hiking, Yoga & Dance

  • Day Trips to Ubud & other sacred areas of the island

  • Psychic Readings, Creative Writing. and Entrepreneurship

  • Cooking Class

  • Free Time for personal exploration


Your Retreat Leaders


Tori Swanson

Tori is a psychic medium and intuitive artist. Her intention in this lifetime to channel the divine feminine in all we do, and to live a life that’s full, happy and purposeful.

As a coach and entrepreneur, she guides others to access their dreams by working with spirit and Law of attraction, manifestations and other laws of the universe. Working purely from the heart, she wants others to lead a life in full expression of themselves.


To Be Announced



To Be Announced


The investment


  • Accommodation: 6 nights/ 7 days at Luxury Airbnb in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.

  • Breakfast & Dinner: healthy and nourishing food, vegetarian/ vegan diets can be accommodated, snacks, tea and coffee so you're nourished and sustained for transformation

  • Spiritual Morning Ritual Starter Kit. 

  • Activities: Surfing, Hiking, Yoga, Meditation, day trips such as up-island excursion.

  • Morning rituals and group mediations led by masterful teachers.

  • Group & personal psychic readings.

  • Coaching guided around entrepreneurship

  • Vison, Goals & the power of law of attraction & manifestation

  • Learning how to access your intuition & re-integration

  • Creative lessons; Writing, Artwork and Dance

  • Personal Chef

  • Evening rituals including initiation and closing ceremonies with a shaman.

  • Cost Share Accommodation (2 guests per room): $1999 CAD plus GST / $1544 USD per person.

  • Cost Private Room: $2666 plus GST / $2060 USD.

  • Notes: the cost does not included transportation to and from Bali & Canggu, nor does it include lunches or any activities you would like to do in your free time.

non-refundable deposit o $250.00 CAD/ $193 USD

Payment Plans

  • 3 payments of $849.76 CAD / $622.33 USD

  • 6 payments of $424.88 CAD / $311.16 USD

  • 12 payments of $212.44 CAD / $155.58 USD


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