Soul Coaching

Lets connect you to your purpose.

We're always being guided by our intuition, and sometimes we need help clarifying what it's showing you.

I can help you live with more freedom, love, and help you achieve your desires.


So, what are you waiting for?

Are you asking for a change in your life?

Are you hoping to deepen your connection to your soul?

Are you waiting for the next step?

Are looking for clarity?

I'm a psychic medium, and my passion is to help others live their vocation. I connect to spirit to help deliver messages from your guides to you. Lets reconnect to your own source of power, love, and abundance. 

**48 hour cancellation required.
Payments must be paid before booking session.



"My recent intuitive reading experience with Tori was really lovely. She helped bring clarity to some aspects of my life I was working through and felt stuck on, and validated a lot of what I had been feeling. Tori is easy to connect with and open up to. I’d definitely recommend it and plan on doing a longer session in the future."

- Catarina, Vancouver

"I absolutely loved the reading. Tori is extremely insightful and compassionate. She helped me to get back to basics with energy work and overcome my fears as well as ground myself in my highest potential. She is truthful, healing and has a peaceful energy that animates even across a video call. I would highly recommend her."

- Haley, Washington

“I have never experienced a psychic reading before, simply because I felt that a psychic reading with a stranger might not be very comfortable, or I might not feel open to talk about certain things or answer all of their questions. I felt immediately drawn to take up Tori on her offer, even though we don’t know each other well, I trusted her and felt comfortable with her because a few years ago I hired her for charcoal sketches of myself (which I absolutely love and am SO happy I did). As this was my first psychic experience, I didn’t have any expectations but was open to talk about what was on my mind. Tori asked great questions and had incredibly intuitive suggestions. I was at ease throughout the entire conversation, even felt emotional at times, it was amazing to hear her talk about my personal life, even aspects that I don’t often talk about. It was refreshing to hear an objective person’s genuine comments on these specific situations in my life, and I left the conversation feeling better and more positive about these circumstances. I would hire Tori again in the future and hope other people also find her abilities useful and enlightening.”

- Sarah, Vancouver

" I did a 20 minute reading with Tori at the start of my day, and it was honestly one of the best ways to start my day. The things she said just resonated with me so well, and had so much truth and power behind them, and it just helped me see things from a clearer perspective. I felt so awesome and empowered all day, and it was all thanks to Tori - I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! Also the sketch I received in the mail afterwards was awesome (she is such a talented artist) and I can't wait to frame it and hang it in my home."

- Gretchen, Vancouver