Sophie, Denmark

"It was a really good idea to start with the intuitive reading, I got "us" opened up and made a really good sketch session afterwards. Tori provides a really good service and I was happily surprised that she took so much time in our communication before and after the session was finished. The privacy agreement was very professional and made me feel safe because it was my first time doing something like this. I was never unsure, or unaware of what was going on and Tori gave great guidance which made me feel comfortable even naked. There were so many sketches to choose from at the end!"

Chloe, Vancouver

"Tori is an incredibly sensitive, loving and talented artist and soul and it was so much fun to do a portrait with her. Even though I know Tori, I felt some resistance the day of- knowing that I’d be standing naked and it even brought up some body thoughts that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. Within moments of being with her, I felt so safe and comfortable- that I was actually excited to take my clothes off and stand in my truth and divine expression. Also, looking back I am grateful for the experience because it allowed me to witness another level of vulnerability and to see what happens within my mind when I let go of control and step into being seen. This experience is about so much more than just being drawn nude- it is a spiritual experience; one of seeing yourself in your truth, through the eyes of another soul. Thank you Tori!”