10 Things To Know Before Going To A Pyschic

1. What does it mean to be psychic?

Everyone is psychic, we all have that innate ability to connect to our intuition. Perhaps you have had "visions" or a strong "knowing" about a foreseeable future and it panned out just like you thought it would. We can develop these techniques, like a muscle, that are readily available to us to tune in.

In fact, we always have the answers within ourselves, our ego and conscious mind block our subconscious knowing and it takes time to be able to witness this, and remove the blocks from years of experience and pent up fears that guard us from being our true selves.

Naturally, a psychic is clairvoyant (see), claircognizant (know), clairsentience (feel) and clairaudient (hear). When you're starting to develop your intuition, you may notice that you are stronger in one or the other, over time they will all develop equally.

2. What's A Session Like?

The psychic reading sessions are 60mins long. They are hosted over skype/zoom/facetime. 

I always prepare with a deep meditation prior to the session. During my meditation, I receive signs, symbols, messages, and I can feel into aura as to where there may be energetic blocks in your body. 

During the session, I will discuss the messages that have come up for you to know. It's important that what is coming up in that session is all you need to know in that moment. Sometimes we're not meant to know everything, and that is the divine universe in it's making. We must give up the need to control and instead witness. 

I will read your aura, and describe an analysis of it. We will go over any questions you may have. I am merely a reflection of you, and mirroring back the answers you have within.


3. Should I prepare ahead of time?

It's not necessary to plan ahead of time, like I mentioned, what is meant to be brought up in the session will be brought up.

If you have certain questions and would like to focus on a topic, I'm more than happy to spend time on that, because you have identified that as a need.

4. Should I record the session?

I do not record the sessions for you, however you're more than welcome to record them for yourself.

I have done this in the past and funny enough, I have never listened to my recordings myself. 

I encourage you to let go, and just be present, when we enter into a divine state of being, we're not always suppose to remember everything, that is part of the human experience. 

5. Who do you connect with?

I connect with the universe, spirit, guides, ancestors, and animals to provide a clear channel, and message for you. 

Just like you, and I, the universe is made up of matter and energy, we provide identities to the energies that we work with to help connect. However, it is a higher source of energy, in common, that we are connecting with.

6. Does it mean it's going to happen?

No, I strictly stay away from "fortune telling" because If we are not aware of our minds, we can easily attach to whatever is said in the session and take it as the truth. We are always in control of our own destiny, and you, at any time, have the free will to choose the path you walk down.

I am merely showing you examples of what "could happen". I stay away from "fortune telling" and instead create the space for you to learn how to listen to your own intuition, and lead with our hearts - for we always have the answer. I coach you on how to find that answer within yourselves. Fortune telling aspects come out during our sessions, but in a more softer approach.

7. Is 1 session enough?

That's the question for you to decide. I have been working with intuitive/psychic coaches for the past 2 years on a weekly basis, and it has changed my life for the best. Ultimately, we are all on our own journey, and 1 may be enough or you may choose ongoing coaching.

8. Why do I feel different after the session?

During our sessions, I am uplifting your vibration to a higher frequency than it's use to being. You may get really hot and really cold during the session - that is normal. I suggest keeping a full glass of water near you to stay hydrated and grounded.

I've had clients who need to nap afterward - don't be alarmed, that is how our minds process information, that is how we can receive the divine download of what just happened.

Until you get use to working with a psychic and uplifting your vibrational frequency, you may feel extremely light, or light headed, and I recommend just taking it easy. Most of the time, we don't get these symptoms unless we've removed a very large block in our auric beings.

9. What does ongoing coaching look like?

Working with an intuitive coach on a monthly or annual basis, is like knowing that that person is ALWAYS there, who has your back, your best interest no matter what happens. 

It's the coaches duty to hold you accountable, while chasing your dreams and achieving your accomplishments and living a full life. If you're considering working with a coach, reach out to me and I can share more information. We typically meet weekly for an hour.

Do not let money hold you back from working with a coach, money is energy and made up of matter and water just like you and I. We can attract money and spend money and there is never a lack of it. If you're looking to feel more abundant, contact me and we can put this into your coaching program.

10. How can I develop my own intuition?

If you're looking to work with me or a coach, we can teach you how to listen to your heart and your intuition.

If you're looking to build your intuition on your own, continue listening, I recommend meditation, and sitting with what comes up. Journalling every morning is a great way to reflect back what your subconscious is processing. 

Playing with tarot and practicing visualizing the card before you flip it over is a powerful way to connect with the energy of a being.

There are many other ways to develop your intuition too, contact me if you're interested!

Tori Swanson