The Power Of Law Of Attraction


Flow is a concept that we're not always aware of. It has taken me years to understand what it means to "be in flow". Flow is something that we all experience naturally as human beings, yet we place some hard ass limitations on actually allowing ourselves to experience it fully.

What does that mean?

Let me break this down;

Remember that feeling when you're on vacation, and everything seems to be going right. The sun is shining, you're with your soul mates, and you're cruising around, maybe having a beer at a local bar or walking along the shoreline, in disbelief that you made this happen. That's flow.

- Maybe it's showing up for you in different ways.

- Maybe you're day dreaming about a change in your profession and you happen to receive a phone call that day from a friend who found the perfect job for you, with a higher paying salary in the exact field you're looking for and you just know you're going to get that job.

- That's flow.

Part of our human experience on earth is to change our belief about what we can and can't have. It's your human right to get what you want - "ask and it's given".

Based on the way we were conditioned, we can create "limitations" on what we think is possible which is a consequence of us believing what we were told, observed, or experienced growing up. Therefore we trudge through life thinking that we can only make an income through our salary, or we can only take 2 weeks vacation a year, or that it's impossible to get over a trauma that we're holding onto for the rest of our lives. These beliefs are not true.

What if I told you, that you can manifest anything you want in this life, and that you are the creator of your destiny. You hold the power to bring in that job, that house, that quiet neighbour, that life partner, and that vacation you've been dying to take for a few years now. It's all possible.


We are made of the same matter as the universe, as the money that is sitting in your bank account or pay cheque you're dreaming of, as this computer I'm writing this blog post on, and of the plants and ocean on earth. If the moon affects the tides, and human beings are made of 60-65% of water, explain to me how that doesn't affect our moods and psyche.

These limitations we place on ourselves are toxic. We sometimes question why we want to manifest certain things in our lives, or why we are drawn to certain activities, in my case being an artist. Why can't we make a million dollars a year? Because we were told you have to work super hard, you have to be lucky, or win the lottery - that the cards are just not dealt in your favour. It's wrong, I'm telling you this is all wrong.



My coach has taught me that it's not about the effect of having what you want, like $50,000.00, cash in my bank account, it's about the feeling it gives you. That's why we get excited about certain things in our lives. I get excited about elevating other people to high frequencies and living an amazing life through my art, through teaching, and coaching. I get really excited about having a lot of money in my bank account because it allows me to be generous with my money, treat my loved ones, go on adventures and live with security and freedom at the same time.

Let yourself really feel the effect of what "having that certain something" will give you. Connect to that feeling rather than the thing. That's when the manifestation starts to happen.

So, when we talk about day dreaming - do it, get really into the feeling of what it would be like to travel the world for a year, without any worry about money. Seep into the feeling of what it would be like to quit your white collar job for something unpredictable or quit your blue collar job because you know you can get that high paying job that everyone tells you is unrealistic.

Anyone who tries to tell you that it cannot be achieved is simply mirroring back to you, your doubts. Thank them for showing you where you have an opportunity to connect and build a stronger manifestation. This is the process of you mastering the law of attraction.

Doing the work may not always feel easy, in fact you may get bogged down by the hardship of it and want to quit. I'm telling you that it's your perspective and old behaviour we were taught growing up - totally fearful. Get excited about the possibilities that start to reveal themselves to you. Get present in your life and observe the opportunities, the people who are showing up to tell you it's happening.


These past few weeks Sam and I moved to Tofino for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we wanted to become bad ass surfers, and secondly, to really push forward this live/work remote and travel the world together. This is the life we want to live. Part of this law of attraction is to start living it now, even if you feel like you can't. Prove to yourself you can and you will instantly start to attract more of it into your life.

So, I spent the last few weeks in incredible pain and fear. I have a deep fear of the ocean that I'm willing to change. I was scared of the big waves crashing on me, getting engulfed into the sea with a deep fear of drowning. Having realized that this is a past life fear and experience. I really wanted to face this fear. I decided to see the ocean as a pool of healing powers, the great divine that is here to teach me how to surrender and allow myself to fully heal. As soon as I changed my perspective, so did my surf.


I'm telling you guys, there is no better feeling than catching a wave, and dropping in and surfing to shore... then doing it over and over again. Gliding on butter, is what Sam and I describe the feeling of sailing over a wave. Falling into a cushion of sea water and allowing the experience to just soak into my being. I am alive, and every wave I roll over reminds me that, that is flow. The tides are flowing. Being up there on my long board and doing something I didn't think I could do, and being picky about the waves I'm hitting is just the best feeling in the world. That's flow.

This came at a price. I committed, day after day, sometimes twice a day, through the pain in my arms from paddling, to the pain in my ego of being totally shit at surfing and being okay with wiping out in the shallow end until I was confident enough to get past the break. It only took a 10 days to feel like a badass out there.


Committing to what you want will come with it's ups and downs. It's the way you choose to see the ebb and the flow that will impact your manifestation. If you see the falls as a loss, instead of seeing it as an opportunity to see where you have room for growth, well it will be harder to level up. Seeing the falls as an opportunity to laugh and get back out there comes with time and trust. Sometimes you need to take a break and get back out there. When you feel that flow, when you've finally caught your first wave, or even just a small taste like surfing the white water gives you the trust, and that little taste of what's to come - get back out there. I believe in you.


xoxox Tori

Tori Swanson