My 10 Year, Vision & Goals


Have you had a chance to start goal setting? I took a minute today to write out my 10 year vision:

It’s November, 2028. I wake up to my husband, Sam, who has rolled over and snuggled me in his arms. I look at the clock, and I'm wide awake after a restful sleep. It’s 7 in the morning. I kiss my husband on the nose. He is fast asleep and I don’t want to wake him up. I slide out of my California king size bed and fresh linen sheets. I open up the huge curtains in our master bedroom to a pane glass wall that hosts the view of the ocean. It’s a calm morning. To the left hand side, I see mountains. I like to lose myself in nature often, whether that’s backpacking trips with my girlfriends, camping with the kids on weekends, or take our 3 dogs for a run through our favourite loop.

The ocean brings calmness and serenity into our daily lives and reminds us of the ebbs and flows of life. We surrender to the knowing that we are not in control. It’s a beautiful vortex I get to witness daily. The ocean washes our worries away and creates a safe haven for my family to live.

I put on my exercise gear and head downstairs before anyone wakes up. Alas, as soon as I’m about to head downstairs to the main part of the house Sam wakes up and asks to join me. While I wait for Sam, I start to soak the almonds for a fresh almond milk latte for when we return.

My kitchen is the focal point of the house, it’s a beautiful mix of west coast design, exposed wood, concrete and mid century modern furniture. The living room is sunken in with a big fireplace. The kitchen overlooks the ocean. My appliances are top of the line design with  a BIG island for our epic dinner parties and kiddos play with arts and crafts.

Sam and I step out of the door and onto our deck, we’re deciding whether to surf, run, hike or ride.

I suggest hitting the mountains for a bike ride.

So, we hop on our bikes and ride to the forest, it isn’t close by, it’s probably 30 mins out. We ride for about 2 hours total, getting lost in the trails, enjoying the downhill and uphill climbs together.

I love biking, it’s one of many favourite past time activities. Since winter is approaching this will be one of our last rides for a few months.

Sam and I exercise together. Our lives are centred around leading an active lifestyle rather than forcing ourselves to hit the gym or classes daily. Plus it allows us to connect on a deep level.

It’s also our form of meditation.

We return to the house half past 9am. My family is staying with us for a few weeks. Mom and Dad are in the kitchen making pancakes with our two girls and little boy. Sam and I shower together in our master suite which overlooks both the mountains and the ocean.

Sam and I built a studio in our backyard It’s a loft, and completely white with concrete floor and paint splatters everywhere. It’s my safe haven where I lock myself in there for hours. I’ll often use my studio space for my clients as well.

We head downstairs to vegan banana chocolate chip pancakes and fresh almond milk lattes, thanks for finishing it up dad.

We eat mostly plant-based in our home, and we make most things from scratch.

I’m soaking in this family time because I’m heading out for a few weeks on a business trip. I’ll be in the states soon, painting murals, and stopping at Art Basel Miami. My work is showing there for the 5th year in a row. My paintings and mix media pieces sell for $50k a piece. It’s the biggest money maker of the year for me. This year I’ve been asked to display 15 pieces in a single exhibit. I know my work will sell out within days. Sam will meet me in Miami with the family, and then we’re heading to Vancouver to spend a month with our families for Christmas. Sam will pack our ski gear because we’ll be heading to an epic mountain for touring, skiing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing with our entire family for New Years. It’s a tradition we started 5 years ago.

My artwork has taken many turns on the way. My focus is still the human body. My artwork is displayed internationally. I own apartments in New York City, and Vancouver which tend to be hubs for my work. I also spend a lot of time in Amsterdam and Mexico for my artwork. I typically travel an approx. 3 months of the year for my artwork, whether that be exhibits, commissioned portraits, or murals.

I have started an intuitive emerging artist program, where I skype or meeting with my clients in person to help develop their art careers and introduce them to the right investors to catapult their careers forward. My spirituality and intuitive side is incorporated with my artwork. It’s where I connect to spirit. It’s also an offering I provide to individuals around the world. It’s so fulfilling.

I feel so connected to the divine, I have changed people’s lives long term, I am passionately in love with my soul mate, and my greatest accomplishment in life is being a good mother.

I am closer than ever to my family, they are my priority in this lifetime and my friends, my girl tribe who keep me sane. I give myself the space to attend 1 retreat a year, and I have ongoing coaching session with my mentors bi-weekly. Sam and I go on a backpacking adventure trip just the two of us for at least 2 weeks every year. The kids stay with their grandparents and spend quality time with them.

My sister is my best friend, and we prioritize annual adventures too.

I am currently writing a book about my artwork and the lives of the individuals I have changed. It will be a coffee table book that is the second part of my 2 part series. The first book launched in 2022. I signed a book deal with penguin random house for $36,000.00, this one is for $75,000.00.

So, the rest of the day is great, we head down to the beach and hang out with the kids, our neighbours pop by with their kids and we spend the day together.

We’re hosting a dinner party that night. Sam and I are cooking together. He’s in charge of the vibes, as he always is. I reflect back on our relationship. He has taught me more about myself and how to be a passionate and compassionate lover. I am so grateful. We have worked through many amazing and challenging moments in our lives that have brought us closer together. We support each other 100%.

The evening comes and we serve fresh, vegan food over candlelight on our deck, it’s a full moon and I always host dinner parties on full moons - it’s meant to be a bringing together of people we love. Whether or not my friends are spiritual they don’t even realize they’re attending a ritual. I love it. We play amazing music, the kids start dancing, the parents have too much wine and we connect our souls to creativity, love, and magic.

Tori Swanson