5 Success Habits To Pull You Out Of The Spiral


As the light gets darker, and we move closer to winter, November is a time of internal retrieval. The sun and light is on Scorpio, on our friends who have emotional depth and aren’t afraid to get right into the shadow and clear it out. It’s a time of reflection and understanding and opening. 

It can be scary allowing our shadow to appear, and show us towards lightness. For any sort of friction you feel in your life isn’t negative at all, it’s just the universe conveying you toward awakening. 

While we’re on this journey towards enlightenment, I believe it’s crucial to have success habits that keep us on that path, without detouring - because it’s just so easy to sway off course.

As we show up for ourselves everyday, there going to be times where showing up isn’t an option - at least an option we WANT to choose.

Success habits are one of many tactics I teach my clients to keep in their back pocket for this particular reason.

When we start doing this work, we’re wobbly, just like riding a bike… it takes time to build the strength and steadiness to maintain flow. Showing up takes guts. It means putting our shit to bed, even when it feels good to dwell in anger or sadness. Showing up means choosing to feel good, when it feels impossible. 

When we start to become mindful, we start to become more aware of our thought patterns. Meditation helps to lengthen the time between thought and action so we can mentally choose to stay in a state of flow - because feeling that yumminess is ALLOWED.

I’m sure you can all recount a moment, maybe within the past hour, where you couldn’t let go something terrible or annoying that happened. Man, it’s like a siren calling you in, because it feels good to hate on someone, like a terrible driver, or collection agency after your debt you haven’t paid back yet or an ex who just broke your heart. It’s so easy in fact, that we can allow it to take over our whole day and turn it to shit. We even have the audacity to blame it on that specific incident, instead of ourselves.

Well, everything, I mean EVERYTHING is a reflection of who you are. It’s our opportunity to look within, pick up the mirror and look at ourselves. 

So, when you’re flipping off the driver or creating a dark spell to cast on an ex-lover - what are you REALLY trying to say to yourself?

Maybe it’s something along the lines of…

  • I’m unworthy

  • I’m not lovable

  • I’m not safe

  • I’m waiting for something bad to happen

  • I’m not enough

There are countless stories we live into on a daily basis. Some of you may even be saying to yourself - there has GOT to be something more interesting about me than the same old song and dance.

Song as old as rhyme, and tale as old as time - it’s the same god damn thing over and over again.

But how amazing is it, when you can develop the awareness to witness your rackets, and realize that in an instant you can flip it.

When I first started doing this work, I felt dips in my momentum daily.  It was really hard - because I chose to see it as difficult. I could’ve seen it as comical, and light hearted but I didn’t because I was SO ATTACHED to my story. I liked the struggle, in some sick and twisted way.

Now, I know that this story that I tell myself isn’t true, it’s part of my conditioning, and it’s a mask I grab to blame and beat myself down when I’m feeling good. See, we’re all about self sabotaging and it only takes a split second of realizing that - my saboteur - is leading and I can choose to listen to my heart once more.

So those daily ups and downs have eventually drawn out to a few weeks. I doubt they’ll ever go away, and that’s totally okay - because it keeps me in alignment and I can pop back into flower faster and faster.

Have you ever taken a second to notice the people you hang out with the most? Take a moment to be aware of their energy and how it makes you feel. Do you have friends who are always experiencing something sad or “wrong” in their lives? Do you ever feel like you’re taking care of your friends and nobody is taking care of you? Maybe it’s because you’re not listening to what your body and soul is craving.

Surround yourself with those who have high vibrational energy. Start to be aware, because the people we want to be around are those who help us feel our best without sacrificing their well being too. I’m not saying you need to ditch those friends at all, but when you are around them, be aware that you’re not taking on their energy.

One of my favourite books, Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss wrote that our job on this planet is to be a light barer and to help raise the consciousness, and lightness in others who don’t match our vibration. It’s easy to hang out with people who are vibrating high with us, and it’s harder to be around people who aren’t. Have you ever walked down a sketchy street to feel the judgement and sadness of those less fortunate around you? In Vancouver, East Hastings is full of homelessness and disease. They’re actually our biggest teachers for they are showing us our self hatred.

For instance, I picked up a serving job on the side and I had forgotten how much ego is involved in restaurants. As I shared this with my coach, she reminded me, that it’s actually my ego. We had a chuckle and we spoke more about that. I’m able to witness the ego in myself and check it at the door. My job is to show up as a light barer and bring lightness to places that need the most, and often times it’s the restaurant scene and ultimately the end of the day, I’m taking orders and I’m delivering food and drinks - who wouldn’t be happy receiving that?

Success habits are one of the tactics that keep us stable and in flow. They help guide us to connect with the universe so that those spirals, blaming moments occur less and less. The length between when they happen will start to slow disappear as we set our foundation strongly. Your success habits are 5 things you can do every day that maintain flow or in distressing times of spiralling. The 5 habits are super easy to do, that do not take time out of our schedule so they can become second nature.

My success habits are the following:

  1. I wake up each morning and I meditate, sometimes for 3 minutes and sometimes for 45 minutes. The length doesn’t matter.

  2. I immediately journal right after my meditation. I write down whatever my intuition was saying to me during my meditation, and I write down my woes. I also follow an abundance book so I can actively connect to the divine and source everyday. It’s how I honour myself and pass gratitude for the physical things in my life.

  3. I move my body daily. Depending on how my body is feeling, I will go to the gym, play soccer or take the dog on a walk in the forest to ground and rid any excess anxious energy.

  4. I love to cook and work with plant based recipes so once a day I create a dish from scratch that I feel good about ingesting.

  5. I express myself creatively daily, that can be through writing, dancing, singing, painting or drawing - maybe it’s working on my website.

The 5 habits are so ingrained in my daily routine, that before I was even conscious of them, I realized I had already been doing the majority this list habitually.

Since scorpio is ruling this transition and the following month; your shadows will be brought up for you to see. Do not run or shy away from them, witness them and take it in. Try to see the lightheartedness in your shadow and thank the universe for showing you - for lightness can’t exist without darkness.

Your shadow will show up for you probably daily, in a variety of situations and take note. If you’d really like to dig into the work, make a list of the times your shadow has shown up, and you’ll start to see a pattern, and the same story will repeat itself over and over again until you’re so familiar with it, you’ll be saying to yourself “oh, it’s just my ‘I’m not good enough story’”.

xoxoxo Tori

Tori Swanson