How The Universal Law of Attraction Really Works.

I’m heading to Mexico for a month December - January for one of Sam’s best friend’s wedding, and we’re extending the trip to surf in Puerto Escondido. Our plan is to work remotely from Mexico City while staying with on of my best pals, who lives there and soak in the culture and art.


I’m someone who is fascinated by languages, fun fact, I was considering going into linguistics as a University Degree before I fell into artwork. So, naturally I’m studying Spanish on my duo lingo app whenever I have free time and it’s driving sam mad. He’s fluent in Spanish and I’m fluent in French and listening to my French accent while trying to pronounce Spanish words is definitely an ear sore.

The reason why I’m bringing this up, is because today’s lesson covered the word problem and it got me thinking…

We all have a tendency to spiral in a “life is tough, funk”. I personally, could have so much to complain about with entrepreneurship, or relationships, money etc.. I can sometimes feel susceptible to have a “there just isn’t enough” outlook on life. This isn’t just entrepreneurs, this is all of us in our daily lives. We constantly restrict ourselves because we don’t believe there’s another option.

Let’s take money as an example. You see, money is just one of the many problems some of us face, and almost always a topic with my clients.

Isn’t it interesting our we immediately label it a problem?

 A Problem is an interesting term, isn’t it? 

We are immediately jumping to a negative conclusion, aren’t we? We see it as a roadblock that’s believed to be negative and that only inhibits us from achieving what we want.

What if we chose to see our problems, as something other than negative. What if a problem, was really just the universe probing a question. What if that question was, “Hey Tori, is this something that you really want?” 

I just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel, Big Magic, which is all about changing your perspective on creativity and finding ways to channel more of it in your life. There was one part in particular that spoke to me. Gilbert went on about eating A LOT of shit sandwiches and learning to love the taste of them. Ultimately we’re going to see a lot of “no’s” in our lives, and the only way to know if you’re committed to your craft, is by eating the shit sandwich and not being afraid to ask for another one.

You see, shit sandwiches are now just part of my a la carte menu. Sure, I feel the shit sandwich, and it’s terrible process having to eat it, but I’ve learned to enjoy it because it tells me two things.

  1. I forgot that I’m mid-way through a sandwich and soon realize that I’m still eating it, therefore I know that I’m going to finish it and it’s not a problem. 

  2. This shit sandwich is telling me that this particular type of shit sandwich isn’t really a fit right now or never.

You see, both are totally okay. 

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to my clients about how we show up in our careers, for ourselves and how our relationships are simply reflecting back to us how we really feel about ourselves.

I often give clients assignments and have them commit to meditating and journalling daily. It changed my life and allowed me to see my opportunities and listen to my intuition. I had to show up, even when I didn’t want to, because I wanted it that BADLY. This isn’t to say my work is finished, because it will only finish once I die, when a chapter will close and another one start.

See, we don’t always want to commit to the changes because, well, it’s uncomfortable. Change is hard, and unpredictable so we get scared because we’re wholeheartedly opening ourselves up to something unknown. We’re scared of not having control of the outcome, that’s why we stay in the same dysfunctional spiral, because somewhere deep inside, it’s comforting to know what’s going to happen to us.

When we choose to open our raw, vulnerable underbellies to faith and ask for forgiveness, love, and unconditional success - it’s SCARY because we’re in the process of being SEEN. We may be bruised, imperfect and partial to negativity, but this is the only way to change.

This work I do is all about releasing our frightened inner child and opening the raw wound to sunlight and asking for more. 

When I have clients ask me why it’s not working… it’s because of this simple notion.

We’re conditioned to expect something bad so when we open ourselves to potential happiness and get something so amazingly unexpected, we’re just waiting for the pin to drop and so it does.


Well, let me tell you that I’ve lived through countless spirals, and countless highs (more to come) and I’ll let you in on a little secret.

We’re constantly creating our realities. See, it can feel fucking hard to open our rawest self to the unknown to only receive a shit sandwich and still stay open. Or, we can choose to see the lightheartedness of the situation and allow it to be easy. When my coach told me this for the first time, I wanted to through me computer, and myself out the window on my 4th story apartment. I also ruined many canvases taking a knife and spearing through my colourful creation to try and destroy myself because I let me ego get the best of me and my saboteur was in full swing.

I didn’t understand it.

Let’s be honest, this comes with practice, but that’s the fun part. It’s cool to see your progress. Eventually you will see the destiny you created and realize, oh that’s because I was expecting the worst, or you’ll see yourself in flow, and go, ah, I created that.

The more and more we can awaken to this, the EASIER it gets. This is where meditation comes really affects us, because it slows down our thoughts and our “quick-to-react” selves to become more compassionate human beings.

You see, the universe only answers to highly intensified emotions attached to our asks, desires, and wants - this is called The Universal Law of Resonance.

Because …. When it’s asked, it’s always given - thank you Jerry and Esther Hicks for teaching me about this.

So, lets say you really need 10k to pay off your debt so you ask the universe for help. You’re all excited because the universe is going to reward you with the money… well, because you asked for it.

The moment you let your ego back in the door is the moment when it’s all over. If, for any chance at all, there’s a little touch of doubt in your mind that says something like “ya right or fat chance.” It won’t happen.


Because that’s how we’re conditioned. At some point in our lives we are taught to place limitations and restrictions on ourselves and come from a place of lack, rather than abundance. We are all born the same prosperous, abundant children of the universe and it’s our divine right to be rich, wealthy and successful. The whole point of this life is to understand that and grasp it, for it’s in your favour to live the life you want.

So, how do we actually get the 10k?

Well, we catch ourselves so we don’t spiral. We have success habits up our sleeves (which I teach my clients), to fall back on. They text me when they feel they’re about to spiral so I can walk them through it and up onto the other side. This is something my coach offered me and it was undeniably the best thing that ever happened to me.

We also have to attach to the meaning of what that 10k will give us. What will it FEEL like to pay off the debt? Really connect to the source of love and allow it to take over your body. This is what will keep your heels dug into the mud, when the going gets tough - the sensation of love, that you are so beautifully held and guided by the divine.

A big part of this work is growing your intuition. 

Our intuition is constantly talking to us, and we are all psychic intuitives by nature - it’s a matter of wanting to access it and clearing the fuzz. So, while we’re riding the high, and expecting our 10k to come in, our intuition will be talking to us the WHOLE time.

We’re just constantly overthinking our gut reactions, especially our first thoughts which we tend to chalk up to a write-off, when in fact, that first thought is right-on.

Ask yourself:

  • Have you ever been in class when the teacher asks the class if they know the answer to the questions, and you were too shy to put your hand up and speak out loud because, how in the hell would you ever know the answer that just popped into your head is right? Then someone else answers it, and well… looks like you knew it all along?

  • Have you ever gone into a job interview, knowing that you would get the job?

  • Have you ever met someone who you knew would become your partner and significant other, sometimes it feels like love at first sight?

These are all examples of your intuition talking to you. 

So, while you’re waiting for the 10k to show up, allow your intuition to speak up. Some random thoughts may pop in, like calling your grandma, or reaching out to an old friend on Facebook. Maybe, you took a different route home and met a stranger who could end up helping you out, financially. 

The cool part of this is…. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT CAN HAPPEN.

When we approach life from this attitude, well, it’s a whole new world we can explore. I like to think of this as allowing life to show me the way, instead of allowing life to live for me. 

You are always in control no matter what you do and this is called The Universal Law of Attraction.

xoxox Tori

Looking to bring something in, use my checklist below :)

Your Checklist:

  • You want something

  • You believe we’re worth having it

  • You deserve it

  • You are committed to having it

  • You are listening to you intuition, and any signs or symbols that pop up

  • You’re genuinely connected to what it FEELS like to have it

THEN it’ll show up.

Tori Swanson